Cool things you should know about Outlook

22 Aug 2018 11:08

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Outlook allows users to send and receive email messages, one can handle calendar for there business meeting in outlook, store names, contacts and can also track tasks. But still, users still don’t know some of the cool things about this email provider and these things can be very helpful in your emailing. And you can contact Microsoft Customer Service also.
Did you forget to attach a file?
It cannot remind you of your tasks or your meeting but it can prevent you from sending your mail without attachments if need to attach in it. When you use the attachment word in your mail then it reminds you to attach the file within your mail or the email won’t send without the attachment. It will remind you that you have forgotten to attach the file then just attach it and send.
Never miss a flight again- If you have received your flight or hotel ticket reservation on email then outlook will continuously reminds you of that by notifying you and also inform you about your confirmation and added it your calendar and it also calculates your time of ticket and reminds you to leave for the flight on anything. For more update about this contact Microsoft Tech Support.
Don’t worry about missing an important message- like there are some of your important emails that are yet to arrive so you don’t have to look at your outlook account again and again. Just use the outlook new item alert, it will notify you about your new emails and messages. It will appear on any app you are on or working on.
Clean up a folder- It’s common to have multiple threads in your inbox with hundreds of messages in it. And mostly some of the messages are duplicate of other and you have read them and you won’t delete them. Then you can use the cleanup button to delete many of these messages leave the message which is not read or unique information, so try and use it.
Open multiple outlook windows- You always wanted to open the many windows at the same time while using outlook to check the calendar and can easily check. For more information contact Microsoft Customer Support.

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