QuickBooks vs Zoho Books

22 Aug 2018 11:14

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In the 21st century, we are very lucky because at this time we have a lot of choice around us. Like you are an entrepreneur of the era of the 19th or 20th century and you are looking for perfect management for your balance management but you can’t do this due to lack of technology but after the year 2000 this thing was more simple as compare to that time and you will manage anything very easily.

But Due to a lot of thing in the market, it makes complicate also like you are a self-employed or a freelancer and you need an accounting software. Due to a lot of choices, it makes more difficult to choose any like which software is cheap in cost, easy in use, better data backup or which software support is best.

In this article, we provide a comparison for the best and popular accounting as per Forbes result in market Zoho Book and QuickBooks are the best accounting software for any field. But Forbes never said that which is the best for you because they don’t know who are you and what is your pocket size.

Stay with us and read the whole article till the end

Features of QuickBooks and Zoho Books

QuickBooks is a newest and popular accounting software. This software is specially designed for Small-scale industry or for freelancers. And its feature is an online bill tracking system, and it has real-time verification support feature that means every transaction is under controlled by their QuickBooks Support team or by QuickBooks Customer Support

Zoho Books is mainly designed for Business group and for the small scaled industry not for freelancers. And its feature is similar to QuickBooks except for that real-time verification support.

Features Comparison


Zoho Books

Unlimited invoices

Unlimited transactions details

Print checks

Accept online & mobile payments

Cloud-based Software





Cloud-Based Software

Cost of this software

The cost of accounting software is based only on their system management.

QuickBooks Software cost is low that’s why freelancer is using this software without any issue. But this thing does not go with Zoho Books because it demo charge is about $9.

Cost Comparison


Zoho Books

Trial version is free

Freelancer version at $5/m

Simple Start version cost at $10/m

Essential version cost at $21/m

Plus version cost $28/m

Trail version is available at $5/week

Basic version cost at $10/m

Standard version cost at $19/m

Professional version cost at $29/m

Support of this software

QuickBooks software support is best overall software. And QuickBooks tech Support provides the online tutorial, E-mail support, Online Guide, online form submission step by step, live video support or live chat.

Zoho Books support are also best and they provide user guide, call support and email support.




Zoho Books

Easy in use

Cost is low

Support service is best

Best for freelancer and small scale industries for who want a complete solution for development and growth

Require expertise or guide for start-up

Affordable price

Good Support

Best for small scale industry and whose pocket size is big.

If you are QuickBooks use and want support so try to contact QuickBooks tech Support and best support from them.

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